New Lambton Football Club is formed



(By Goalie.)

The newly-formed (or is it reformed?) New Lambton Football Club held their meeting in Atkinson’s Rooms on Tuesday night. They reaffirmed their decision to enter a team in the under 18 grade, and one in the all-grade competitions, promoted by the association. Mr. W. Abrahams was appointed secretary, and though young, he is full of enthusiasm, and will make for Lambton Club a good secretary. Matters in connection with the coming season were discussed. The secretary reported that under the allotted districts Dave Williams, Myers, Doyle (all ex-Newcastle team), Hogg, and “Rocky” Stewart (ex-Merewether) were in their district, and all had signified their intention of playing for New Lambton. All the necessary officers were elected, and the delegates to Saturday’s association meeting appointed. The new players who now reside in Lambton’s district will greatly strengthen the black and gold brigade. Each of the new five is considered a good player, and almost every district club would be glad of the services of any one of them. Along with those smart juniors, Lambton possess, Soccer matters look very bright out that way, and Secretary Abrahams will not be the only one who thinks the Ellis Cup will bear, at the end of the season, and for the first time, the name of New Lambton.

From Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate published Thursday, April 19th 1917.