The History of the
New Lambton Eagles

Football in New Lambton can be traced back to 1917 when the first competitive game was played somewhere near the corner of Mackie Ave and St James Rd. New Lambton played a team made up of Miners from Lambton. This history is honored by the miners lamp and date on New Lambton’s crest.

New Lambton has been home to a number of legends of Newcastle, National and International football. James Jackson, captained Arsenal Woolwich and contrary to popular opinion, both Ray Baartz and Col Curran, heroes of our 1974 World Cup campaign, both played junior football for New Lambton South.

In 1974, New Lambton played in the final of the then State Cup and followed on to win the championship – a tournament similar to today’s Australia Cup.

Fast forward to 2007 (with approximately 250 players), New Lambton FC (the then New Lambton Junior Soccer Club), commenced a daring growth strategy which included a move from Alder Park to Novocastrian Park and in the years thereafter, strategic initiatives implemented to build the ‘club of choice’ in Newcastle.

In 2016, NLFC merged with the New Lambton Eagles – bringing the two clubs back together after 40 years. The merger and the club’s unrivaled development program creates the platform for New Lambton to once again be well-positioned for a rebirth in 1st Division.

Today, with over 1000 registered players, New Lambton FC is well represented at representative level, having entered the Women’s Premier League (WPL) in 2017 and now looking to cement itself as a championship club – in both male and female codes.

The sleeping giant is awake.