Club Structure

Our vision is straightforward yet ambitious: to construct a championship-caliber club from the ground up. This entails establishing a thriving and sustainable Grassroots Community program that not only nurtures the development of young footballers but also provides a clear pathway for those identified players who aim to advance their football careers.

At “The Nest,” inclusivity is paramount, catering to individuals of all abilities. Recognizing that motivations for playing differ, the club operates two interconnected football programs:

1. InterDistrict / Community: Encompassing participants from Under 6 through O35, both men and women, as well as Zone League One.

2. Premier: Encompassing National Premier League Men, National Premier League Women, Premier Youth League, and Junior Development League.

In pursuit of a unified club mentality, the Board serves as the representative body for our football programs. Collaborating with our members and the community, the Board establishes the overarching vision, shared values, and strategic direction for the entire Club. Each football program is led by a President and a Committee, collectively operating as one cohesive team – two programs, one club!

The New Lambton FC Board functions as a consultative body strategically weaving these groups together to realize the Club’s vision. Its responsibilities include:

1. Coordinating club-wide strategic actions essential for achieving our vision.
2. Facilitating discussion and decision-making processes among individual New Lambton FC Groups.
3. Providing technical direction for football through the Board Football Development Sub Committee.
4. Managing media, communications, and messaging aspects of the club.
5. Overseeing capital works planning, grant applications, and project delivery.
6. Orchestrating the social calendar.
7. Governing and monitoring the Club’s activities, including financial oversight.

Comprising three independent individuals and representatives from each Group Committee, the Board structure is designed based on the size of each group’s membership.

Our ultimate goal is to be aspirational, creating a positive future for our members and forging partnerships with the community to realise our full potential. We extend an invitation for collaboration, welcome partnerships, and aspire for greatness together.