Registration Refund Policy

Factors we consider in our assessment:

  1. The “deposit” taken by the club pre-season each year, is not to hold a player’s position but rather taken to cover the pre-season costs incurred prior to club receiving the remainder of the registration fee from players. These costs include coach payments, ground fees, purchase of balls and equipment and player training, playing and off field apparel (which is ordered in the October each year and requires significant deposit up front). Clubs are not generally holding the funds each year to cover such costs.
  2. The club starts to incur costs as soon as the player accepts their position for the following season. The further into the pre-season the request for refund is received, this obviously contributes to the amount of the refund provided – as costs incurred increases.  Players by this time have received and likely worn their training apparel, which cannot be reallocated to another player and commenced training.
  3. Once a player is “registered” on Play Football, the registration is formal.  This milestone attracts a $50 admin from NNSW if a player requests a de-registration.

Key dates for de-registration:

  1. Prior to Mid-April – an assessment will be undertaken based on number of weeks the player has attended training, utilised club assets, been instructed by paid coaches and the number of games participated (which contribute to NNSW Comp fees, Referee costs, Council ground/light hire etc). 
  2. Post Mid-April – when finding new players is virtually impossible, no refund will be given.
  3. After 30 June – a player may de-register, but is then unable to register at any other club as the season is considered fulfilled, preventing club hopping leading into semis.

The biggest issue is treating each applicant in the same manner as the last and the next.  We budget each year for a specific number of players per team and what our club cost will be based on these numbers.  

If it not an exact science, but we take due care to make sure people get back what they are owed, without burdening remaining players in the club and the club itself with costs outstanding as a result of a players departure.