Communications Policy


This Policy illustrates New Lambton FC’s expectations regarding Club communications and the general rules for using the different medium used to promote Club activities.

New Lambton FC acknowledges and recognises the growing reliance and use of information technology (such as internet, website, Facebook, Twitter, email, Flickr, etc) for communication. They are all vital parts of modern communication strategies between organisations and clubs with their customers, sponsors, stakeholders, players and members.

New Lambton FC also acknowledges and recognizes the importance of the Social Media in shaping public thinking about our Club and our sponsors, current and potential products, players and members, partners and stakeholders, and customers.

The Executive and General Committee understand and accept its responsibility to this effect and to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct. Equally, it is imperative that all players and parents /guardians and friends also abide by the Clubs Code of conduct.

As a player and/or member of New Lambton FC, it is everyone’s responsibility to implement this Policy.


This Policy aims to help us make appropriate decisions about our Club related Web site and other interactive sites, postings on video or picture sharing sites, or in the comments that you make online on blogs/forums, elsewhere on the public Internet, and in responding to comments from posters either publicly or via email.

These guidelines will help us open up a respectful, knowledgeable interaction with people on the Internet. They also protect the privacy, confidentiality, and interests of our Club, players and members, our sponsors, current and potential products, players and members, partners, and customers.


Social media will be used as an authorised two-way communication strategy from the Club Executive and General Committee to all players and members with the aim to:

  • Use Social Media to provide immediate information to players and members;
  • A quick, inexpensive and very effective way to communicate with players and members;
  • Drive players and members to use the website even more than it is currently used;
  • Further promote our sponsors;
  • Further promote our Club to increase our member base (and thus increase exposure to our sponsors);
  • Market club merchandise;
  • Promote come-and-try days; and
  • Post photos and calendar events


New Lambton FC will maintain an official Club Web Page, Facebook, Instagram and a Team App.  The official Club social media tools will be used for all communications that:

  • Benefit the entire Club
  • Profile the Club’s activities within the wider community
  • Save time and effort for Club volunteers and administrators;
  • Enhance our Club’s reputation or builds club culture;
  • Attract additional Club members and sponsors;
  • Transforms our strategic thinking into opportunities for our Club;
  • Prepare our Club for the future;
  • Communicate effectively with Club members and supporters; and
  • Remain a relevant forward thinking Club.


New Lambton FC recognises that individual football program/teams may wish to maintain social media sites to facilitate inter-team communications or facilitate such activities as Holiday Clinics/Summer Programs etc. 

Such sites will only be used for communications within that affect that specific football/program – all football program/team communications that affect/benefit the wider Club or will be directed towards the official Club communication sites.

Creation and use of such ‘non-official sites’ will be at the discretion and approval of the Football Program President.  The information presented on such sites will be reviewed by the President periodically to ensure the Club’s interests are protected.

Rules for using non-official Club communication sites:


  • Only targeted football program/team members provided access
  • Use common sense
  • Always respect the game, New Lambton FC, competitors, players, fans and sponsors
  • Update your Facebook status regularly
  • Promote stories about you and your football program/team
  • Interact with your followers and friends


  • Do not post announcements or information that are for “Club-wide” and wider community audiences
  • Don’t think that anything you upload is private
  • Do not abuse New Lambton FC, referees, other clubs, players, fans or sponsors
  • Never post photos that are inappropriate (i.e. drinking, nudity, etc).  Compliance with Club Policies extends to behaviour that brings negative attention to the Club.
  • Ignore haters – don’t respond to them.


New Lambton FC has a ‘Zero Tolerance’ on any breaches – there is to be no bringing the Club into disrepute, no racial and/or religious vilification; no derogatory remarks towards our Club, other Clubs and/or individuals. 

Inappropriate use of electronic communication includes but is not limited to making or posting inappropriate comments against players, clubs (ours and others), club officials, match officials, league itself or its delegates – which is hurtful, discriminatory or offensive in nature.

Any person who believes that they have been the victims of inappropriate electronic communication should report the matter to any member of the Football Program Committee (either in writing or verbally) along with any evidence that may assist the Club in investigating the concern.

Any material or language posted on Club social material that is deemed to have breached this Policy or our Code of Conduct will be promptly removed by the Club administrators.

The Club will undertake to investigate the concern at its discretion. Matters which are deemed by the Football Program Committee to be more serious in nature may be reported to external authorities (ie: the Police) – should this be the case, it will be reported to them by the Club Chairman.

Non-compliance with the general outline above will result in disciplinary action for any variations – as outlined in the Club’s Constitution and Club’s Code of Conduct. A rule of thumb is: “If you don’t have something positive to say, then do not say anything at all.”