Player Selection


This policy aim is guide the development of a competitive National Premier League (NPL) or Premier Youth League (PYL) Competition program that illustrates loyalty to existing players and confidence in our existing Junior Development League Program, while also recognising players who have previously left the Club for higher levels of competition (not provided by New Lambton FC at that time), wishing to returning to the Club.

This policy provides the basis for selection of players wishing to participate in the New Lambton FC Premier Competition (NPL and PYL) teams.  The scope of this policy includes the following teams:

Junior Development League (Boys and Girls) NPL Men / PYL Boys NPL Women / PYL Girls
Under 9 Under 13 Under 13
Under 10 Under 14 Under 15
Under 11 Under 15 Under 17
Under 12 Under 16 Senior Squad
  Under 18  
  Senior Squad  

By virtue of the teams covered by this policy and the Club’s commitment to player development, the following New Lambton FC document must be read in conjunction:

Any queries should be directed to the relevant New Lambton FC Technical Director at


The aim of this policy is to clearly articulate New Lambton FC’s position with respect to player selection to enable fielding of competitive teams in the Northern League One while continuing to build a sustainable football club supporting the New Lambton and surrounding communities.

New Lambton FC is committed to:

    • Illustrating commitment to our existing club members and confidence in the development programs within our Club

    • Practicing fair, transparent and repeatable selection processes

    • Successfully grouping players with similar skills together to enable the Club to field competitive teams, and

    • Responding respectfully to questions and concerns of players and parents regarding the selection process.

The selection process is critical to ensure that each player is placed in a team where they will have opportunities to develop their football skills in a competitive environment according to their development needs.

Selection Trial Participation

All players wishing to participate in the New Lambton FC Golden Eagles Academy or Premier Competition teams (PYL Boys & Girls) are required to participate in the selection process.

The dates and times for selection’s will be advised on New Lambton FC’s social media pages and also by TeamApp and email to whole of Club.

Players who are unable to attend selection sessions must notify the Technical Director via email prior to the scheduled selection session.

Selection Methodology

The relevant New Lambton FC Technical Director and invited technical staff will manage the selection process. Assistance may be sought from New Lambton FC coaches and FFA accredited members of the local footballing community

Unqualified New Lambton FC committee members will assist with the administration of the selection process only.

Parents will not be permitted to grade their own children and are not to participate in the decision-making process where they have a direct conflict of interest i.e. child/relative/friend.

The Selection process will commence no later than 8 weeks of the completion of the season, with teams announced prior to Christmas each year.  The trial process will be a two-stage process consisting of an assessment of skills and game play, in line with the current FFA Curriculum.

The skills assessment will cover core skills from the FFA Curriculum.

The game play component will consist of trial games where players will be assessed on their performance.

Additionally, player attitude, behaviour and future potential will be taken into consideration.

The number of selection sessions may vary for each age group. For instance, additional sessions may be held where there are a large number of players trailing within a particular age group.

Selection assessment records will be captured by selection staff for each participant trialing, using the following – located the Appendix section of this Policy:

    • Appendix A – Skill Acquisition Evaluation (Ages 9-13)

    • Appendix B – Game Training Evaluation (Ages 14-18)

    • Appendix C – Goal Keeper Evaluation

Team Selection

Definition – New Lambton FC player – are those players”:

    • already within the New Lambton system and

    • those who previously left the Club to play at a level not offered by New Lambton FC at that time and wishing to return to the club – e.g. 11-year-old New Lambton Junior participating Newcastle SAP or Emerging Jets. 

The relevant New Lambton FC Technical Director will make the final decision on player placements. However, defined New Lambton FC players (see above) will be given priority over players wishing to join the club for the first time.

As a signal of New Lambton FC’s loyalty to its members and an illustration of the Club’s confidence in our development programs, the below illustrates the aspirational percentage target make-up of New Lambton players and in each age group/team should at least align with the following criteria:

    • Teams within age groups 13 years to 19’s – 50% (to be raised to 70% from season 2019)

    • Teams 20 years and up – 40% (to be raised to 50% from season 2019)

NOTE – Where these criteria cannot be satisfied due to the quantity or quality of New Lambton FC players available, the relevant New Lambton FC Technical Director will make their case to the New Lambton FC Board for final approval.

Teams will be finalised at the latest six to eight weeks prior to commencement of the first game of the season.

Changes to final teams cannot be made without consultation with the relevant New Lambton FC Technical Director and the team coach.

The Registrars will be responsible for team administration including notification and distribution of team lists to coaches.

The coach/manager will email their new team, welcoming players and providing information about training schedules and any other relevant information.

Questions concerning selection, team selection or coaching will be directed by email to the relevant New Lambton FC Technical Director via email:

Selection in a Higher Age Group

NNSW Premier Competition (PYL and NPL) rules regarding playing up will be followed at all time. Players in Under 13 through Under 16 will only be registered in their own age group – but may fill in from time in accordance with the NNSWF rules. 

An Under 18 or higher age group player wanting to play in a higher age group will need to seek permission from the relevant New Lambton FC Technical Director and also need to attend the selection sessions for both age groups.

Assessment of these players will be made using the same criteria for players from within the age group they wish to play in.

The relevant New Lambton FC Technical Director may require NNSW Football approval if the player is playing 2 years above their age.

Team Selection Notification

All participants or parents where participant is under 18 years of age will receive notification via personal email – in the following order:

    1. Unsuccessful

    1. Fringe/Reserve List

    1. Successful

All participants or parents where participant is under 18 years of age will be offered a copy of their assessment sheet – which may be used for their own development. 

Upon notification of all participants or parents where participant is under 18 years of age and backfilling of positions turned down, final team lists will be announced via the New Lambton FC website and Facebook pages.


New Lambton FC will address and resolve parent and player concerns promptly.

In the event of a dispute, the player and/or parent/carer may write to the relevant Technical Director outlining their grievance with relevant information/evidence supporting their claim(s). This is to be no more than 250 words.

The relevant New Lambton FC Technical Director will assess all disputes and will provide a decision to the player and/or parent/carer within 7 days of receiving the letter.

It the dispute is unable to be resolved by the relevant Technical Director, the matter may be submitted for appealed to the New Lambton FC Board for settlement.  This decision will be final and no subsequent appeals will be considered.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed bi-monthly for the first year and then annually thereafter to ensure it remains relevant to club operations and reflects both community expectations and legal requirements.